Download Issue

Where is my purchase - I didnt receive an email

Sorry to hear you haven't received your email. Occasionally emails can get lost online, what's most common these days is that they are incorrectly filtered into your SPAM folder. Here's what to do next: 1. Please go and check your SPAM or junk folder to ensure that our was not incorrectly redirected to your spam folder. If it has been, please restore to your inbox, and make sure to whitelist us. You can know how to whitelist us here (

Where did I download or save it to?

The most likely location is your Downloads folder, but where the files went after they were downloaded, will depend on the configuration of your browser. If you are using windows, the fastest way to locate the files is to use the Search tool. The shortcut is, press the Windows Key (usually the key to the left of your space bar with the windows logo on it) and the letter S, at the same time. This should launch the finder, or you can also find it in your menu by clicking on the START BUTTON...

Where can I download my purchase?

All content for our courses are delivered via our secure online members portal area. You can access it by going to:​ ( For Platinum Audio News Club members use the link below: and enter your login details that was sent to your email. Once inside the portal, you can watch online or download all of the product contact by navigating through the various tabs where you will be brought to the "Downlo...