Can I play PANC videos on my Smartphone?

Each issue of the Platinum Audio News Club is an mp3 audio training module which can be played direct on any smartphone.  

Also the video bonuses is an mp4 file which can be played on any smartphone as well.

Please remember that the iPhone does not natively support zip files (without a zip application) therefore you can first download each issue direct to your computer, unzip the file and then transfer them via iTunes. Also Apple made the choice to not support flash via Apple Tablet and phone devices, so for video players that use Flash (such as the bonus training Q&A modules etc) you would need to watch them on a Mac, PC or Android device (all of which support flash).

However you'll be able to play back the core monthly training modules that are all in mp3 format.

Here's what to do:
1. Login to the training portal using a web browser.

Your login details are:

2. Navigate to the relevant tab - for example click on the blue tab called "Goals and TOTE". This is issue 1 of the program.

3. Navigate to the Download Location

Scroll to the bottom of the page - you will see a graphic of a CD with a title that says "The NLP Goals and TOTE MOdel"

Right click on the image. A menu will pop up. Select "save file as" or "save as" from the download menu. (note the actual words used may vary depending on which browser you are using).

A pop up box will show up with the name of the file listed as "Issue 1 - Goals &".

Then click save.

It will download to the folder you specified.

Repeat this process each issue.

4. Extract the file

Once the download complete, extract the compressed file to reveal your training module.

You can use any standard file decompression program such as Winzip, Snuffit Expander or your Operating System's inbuilt decompression utility.

Please note the iPhone does not at this time natively extract zip files, so you're best downloading to a computer first, although you could install a free unzip app.

After you've unzipped the files, you can then transfer them to your smartphone, for example for an Apple Device you can use iTunes to transfer the files direct to your phone.