What is difference between Language Guru Mastering The Meta Model vs Original Meta Model DVD?

Here's what is the same:

DVDs 1, 2, 5 and 6 are from this original Meta Model series and are 99% the same content of the original DVD series you bought, with a few video graphic enhancements.

Here's what is different:

The original Meta Model series offers great content on the Meta Model. When I enquired with a selection of customers who bought the program many said they would like:

Step-By-Step Direction on What To Do Next

So Michael and I added a complete series of assignments to drill in the skill of how to become really good with the Meta Model.

We've added three video assignments where you get to watch (via YouTube) the are intense celebrity interview engagements and where you will be tracking what Meta Model violations and non verbal dynamics are at play. You get PDF assignments for each video plus sample answers so you can track your results.

We've also added multiple reports, specifically:

* A 10 point strategy for ensuring you are following a highly effective strategy for working with the Meta Model
* The Meta Model "flight check" self-diagnostic process for ensuring you are consistently on target
* A proven process to get really good with the lower layers of the Meta Model
* Past customers also told me that they wanted to learn more about Michael's Framing Tool which was lightly covered in the original course.

Extensive Coverage Of The Framing Tool's Configuration Today

We recorded two new videos, DVD's 3 and 4, that teach you everything you need to know to start using this superb tool really well, based on his current iteration of the tool, so it's cutting edge.

This tool fits hand to glove with the Meta Model and many of the distinctions are how to use the tool and what questions drive it were not yet created by Michael when he recorded the original Meta Model DVD series.

Specifically you will learn the four things you need to know, that have never been taught on any video training Michael has done.

These are:

* What's the organizing theory behind the Framing Tool
* How precisely does it work
* What are the questions that drive this model
* And how can you use it in real life

In addition to these two new videos, you will also receive three exclusive reports:

These are:

* A 20 page exclusive report detailing how to use several the core Framing Tool questions for enhancing your skill with the Framing Tool to ask "killer questions"

* A 11 page exclusive report called "Going Deeper On The Framing Tool" that teaches you what causal modeing is and the four key classes of cause effect patterns that bind reality (ever master of NLP knows these) and lie at the heart of creating compelling arguments patterns

* An 8 page step-by-step report walking you through the key steps and questions to becoming more skilful with the Framing Tool

* The interviews that Tom provides the analysis on are from DVD 3 of the original Meta Model series.

Lastly New Expert Analysis Videos:

The final big difference from the original program you get is nearly 3 hours of in-depth expert walk through of how Michael is using the NLP toolset with the two live person to person interviews.

Former customers told me that they weren't able to track what Michael was doing or how he was using the Meta Model or Framing Tool in the two client engagements, you will have seen in the original series. This was in part because he didn't seem to be using the Meta Model!

Of course he was, but not in the usual Meta Model questioning way.

These two expert analysis videos lay bare precisely what Michael was doing and talk you through structurally how he was so easily able to create the changes.

Lastly as a customer of the program you also will get access to:

1 Month Free To Michael's Monthly Online Apprenticeship Program - Platinum Audio News Club. (Activation to this resource is via the bonuses section of the portal, which contains over $500 of training bonuses.)

So that's it. We've gone WAY above and beyond what was covered in the original DVD series and converted the entire course for online delivery.

There is over 4 hours of additional video training, extensive coverage on the Framing Tool and how to use both tool sets together that is not present on the course you bought. And hundreds of dollars of real world bonuses to enjoy.

You can check Language Guru Mastering the Meta Model here.