How many issues can I get if I subscribe to the Platinum Audio News Club?

The Platinum Audio News Club has 26 issues in total.

Each month a new module is released. Each builds on the one before it so by the end you have the skills and knowledge so you can do 

- Conversational change work
- Nested storytelling
- Strategy installation
- Conversational timelines
- and much more

These issues are as follows:
Issue 1: Goals & TOTEs
Issue 2: Presuppositions and Truism's
Issue 3: Covert Communication and Embedded Suggestion
Issue 4: Strategies Triggers Motivation and Meta-Programs
Issue 5: Causal Modeling, Causal Language And Their Role In Strategies
Issue 6: Causal Modeling and Suggesting Deep Truth
Issue 7: The Meta Muddle To Americas Next Top Model - Meta Model Overview
Issue 8: The Meta Model - Inner Structure – Outer Magic- The Lower Layers
Issue 9: The Meta Model - Inner Structure Outer Magic - Getting In To Action
Issue 10: The Meta Model - Inner Structure Outer Magic - Changing Minds
Issue 11: The Meta Model - Inner Structure Outer Magic – Integration
Issue 12: The Meta Model – Integration For Change & The Beginnings Of Strategy Installation
Issue 13: Strategy Installation From The Inside Out
Issue 14: Strategy Installation From The Inside Out – Core Skills
Issue 15: Strategy Installation – Putting The Pieces Together
Issue 16: Strategy Installation – For Multiple TOTE’s
Issue 17: Conversational Sub-Modalities Front & Centre
Issue 18: Advanced Presupposition Mastery 
Issue 19: Rapid Client Work For A Change
Issue 20: Timelines & Beyond
Issue 21: Nested Loops: Starting At The Beginning
Issue 22: Nested Loops: You Rest On Your Preparation
Issue 23: Nested Loops: The Bottom Line
Issue 24: Meta Types & Archetypes For Communication & Change
Issue 25: Getting Over Meta Programs
Issue 26: Staying Sane & Upping Your Game

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