Is there anything completely new with Habit Hacking that is not covered in any other NLP course?

Habit Hacking is habit agnostic. It doesn't teach you a specific habit per se but teaches you how to change (almost) any habit. Unlike Thinking for a Change which was very much about highlighting and introducing the Robot so you could begin to work with your body of habits in one area. Habit Hacking is focused on teaching two specific frameworks for breaking and forming habits of any kind.

Think of it like this, in any context where a person exists you will have the following structure.

(Read from the bottom up, starting at behaviour):

Habits chains

Habits feed forward and feedback specific results in the system and underpin what a system is made up of. We could call them feedback and feed forward loops.

The behaviour and habits determine the output of the system.

Underneath a given habit you have a series of behaviours which when arranged in to specific sequence form a routine. That routine, if run several times begins to instruct the Robot what new habit you want to form (or break).

You'll have covered some of this in Thinking for a change. Working with existing behaviours.

However Habit Hacking shows you how to work with much greater precision and at a lower level in the System than we were able to cover in Thinking for a Change. You'll also get how to create new patterns or habits for the Robot to entrain to.

Habit Hacking also shows you new ways on how to get in between the Robot and the automated habit response and change it, to match what you need right now to get to the next level. 

So you can use Habit Hacking to design habits and habit chains for a wide variety of results (the choice of result and habits you want to work on e.g. health, wealth, career etc. is up to you!)

Habit Hacking helps you drill down, see what is actually going on under the hood and gives you the tools to change what you want and most importantly the explicit strategy for HOW that you can replicate in any area of your life you want.

It teaches you how to alter, change, install and repurpose existing habits.

It gives you a road map and key insights about how to wire up the new behaviours so they become automatic (and most importantly stick).

The positive effects of which then roll forward and begin to benefit your life.

There is a much more granular and hand-holding type approach to change provided in Habit Hacking than was the case with Thinking for a Change. There are areas that overlap naturally, the robot, bringing awareness etc. but Habit Hacking brings a refined set of distinctions and tangible actions that wasn't the focus of Thinking for a Change. 

It's much more tailored by design to you and what you need right now to take your life to the next level.

You have habits you already do well. Habit Hacking will show you how to you can get more from them. 
You also have many habits that don't serve you, 'holes in your bucket'. Habit Hacking teaches you how to intentionally replace them, so the negative impact of them is reduced/eliminated in your life.

It's a very different program, with a different set of outcomes.

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