How can I request a refund?

At NLPTIMES.COM, we are committed to you having a great experience in doing business with us. We want you to be a happy customer and promise to do our best to help resolve any issues. We take all feedback seriously. Where we sell products or services that include an explicit refund policy stated at time of sale, that product or service shall be governed by the terms and conditions of the refund policy specified here.

If you are eligable for a refund, as per the terms below, then please raise a support ticket here.

Terms of Any Refund:

If a product or service  you bought was sold with an explicit refund policy, and you advise us within the refund period that the product did not meet with the conditions of refund advised at the time of purchase, we will arrange a refund for you*. If your purchase was of a physical product, you will be required to return ship it to our offices at your own expense. If your purchase was of a digital downloadable product you will be required to delete all product files from all devices it may be stored on.

If no refund terms were expressed on the sales page at time of purchase, then that product or service will not have a refund clause and as such is bought as is. In the unlikely event that the total number of refunds paid equals three trainings, please be advised that any further trainings purchased from us will be devoid of any refund guarantee protections, and all sales will be final, at time of sale. For our full terms of our refund policy please visit our policy here.

Note: If a product is a digital or physical product is found to be defective at time of purchase, we are happy to re-issue another copy of the product at our expense.

* Note if you pay via Paypal, Paypal no longer refunds the original transaction fee you paid to us, therefore if you are eligible for a refund you will receive the full available amount for the refund LESS Paypal's non-refundable transaction fee charged at the time of purchase.